Worst Christmas gifts for your husband

Worst Christmas gifts for your husband: A spa treatmentWorst Christmas gifts for your husband: A spa treatment

Novelty underwear

While shopping with your gal pals, choosing novelty underwear for your partners probably seems like the funniest thing in the world. Fast forward to Christmas morning when your husband is unwrapping some fetching leopard print boxer shorts or an elephant trunk thong, laughing might be the last thing he wants to do. Some guys will find this gift equally as humorous as you; some may even want to wear them. Our hunch is that most husbands will look at you with the same expression you would have if he had bought you a PVC cat suit. Not. Impressed.

Bang on trend clothing

It’s no new fact that women like to change their fellas; subtly moulding them into a better version of what they already are. One of the first areas women will attempt to ‘improve’ is their husband’s fashion choices. Stereotypically more interested in fashion, women will spot the latest trends and try to supplement them into their hubby’s wardrobes. Men’s fashion trends including paisley print shirts and skinny jeans were loved by women but loathed by their men. So this Christmas, try to keep in mind the clothes your guy actually likes, and not the garments you’d wish he’d wear.


Where do we start? Socks are one of those gifts that can be compared to a dentist check-up; you need them, but they’re not exciting. This duo of fuzziness is a gift that’s purchased as a last resort; when all other gift ideas have been exhausted. Poor blokes seem to receive socks left, right and centre at Christmas, from aunts and uncles to grandparents and everyone in between. You, his wife, are the beacon of hope for him to receive something more exciting, so live up to this expectation and opt instead for gizmos, gadgets and games.

A stereotypical man’s gift

Just the same as you’d react to your husband buying you a cleaning gadget for the bathroom, he will be equally unimpressed if you buy him something stereotypically manly. A toolbox or an electric razor epitomise the typical mannish gift and are probably the least imaginative present you could give. The banal array of manly gifts you could choose your husband, such as a home brewing kit or a pocket knife, aren’t half as exciting as a gift experience such as quad biking or rafting. Yes, these are manly too, but they won’t make your husband feel like a boring old man. Or worse, just another name to tick off your shopping list.

Something that’s really for you

Apart from sexy lingerie for you to wear, buying your husband a gift that’s really for you or for your benefit isn’t the way to earn you popularity points this Christmas. A red satin number could lift your hubby’s spirits, knowing he’s in for a treat when you wear it. But the same reaction can’t be expected if you present him with a gift for the home, such as a vase or picture frame. You may love buying trinkets and decorations for your home, but in your husband’s eyes, cushions and canvases aren’t at the top of his Christmas list. Women are stereotypically more inclined to ‘nest’, but for men, as long as there’s hot water and a comfy bed then they’re happy. Yes, he lives in your house too, and so a home gift is in his interest, but admit it, those scented candles are for you, aren’t they?

A spa treatment

Undoubtedly, your fella will secretly enjoy a back massage or Indian head massage more than an evening of beers with his pals. But until you drag him into the spa and into the jasmine-scented treatment room, he’ll probably act like this gift is the worst he has ever received. Presenting your husband with a gift voucher for a holistic or beauty treatment, although your heart is in the right place, is deemed a threat to his masculinity by your man. You want your husband to experience the same pleasure you do when you’ve booked in for a facial or hot stones massage, but arranging one for him will make him feel girly and embarrassed. Our advice? Don’t tell him until you arrive at the spa or stick to giving him a foot rub in the comfort of your living room instead! Read more on getwed.com...
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