The Ultimate Starter Garden: Easy-care plants for your home


Most of us don't have the pleasure of a sprawling, landscaped garden- and if we did, hiring a gardener is just another expense that doesn't fit the bill anymore. However, plants are still a must in any home, and whether its a condominium or a small house, having them around isn't as hard as you might think. puts together a list of low-maintenance plants that are not only easy to care for, but add a nice little touch of greenery to your home! 


Without a lot of green space and bundles of sunlight, a lot of people would rather forego the whole plant business at home. However, there are in fact loads of plants out there that thrive in low-lit environments, don't require a lot of water, and are also pretty to boot. 


1. Succulents

Care level: VERY easy


Succulents name a family of plants that are built for survival in the harshest of environments. So really, if you forget to water them, leave them without the big old sun for a few days, they'll still be alive and kicking. Succulents can either have spikes or are smooth all over, and yes, Cacti fall under this family of plants. First and foremost, succulents are able to store large quantities of water in their fleshy leaves so over-watering them is their greatest enemy- you don't want to drown your pet now, do you? Despite their ability to thrive on neglect, don't forget to leave them near a window for some UV rays!








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2. Terrariums

Care level: Medium


This self-contained miniature garden will thrive all on its own with just a little water-- even just once a month! Serapion Metilla of Mett's Plant Art is an 80 year old horticulturist who not only popularized terrarium making in the Philippines, but also founded the Philippine Bonsai Society, the Philippine Cactus Society and is an honorary member of the Philippine Horticulture Society. According to him, terrariums need a mixture of soul that can hold water and air, and that will of course keep your little garden in place. To start making one, you'll need the following:


1. A glass container (any size you wish! from soda bottle to a fish tank!)

2. Equal parts of charcoal, garden soil, river sand and rice hulls

3. Pebbles and moss (which you can easily scrape off from the ground of someone else's garden)

4. Seeds of your choice


After setting up the soil, you can plant your seedlings and begin adding pebbles and moss for extra effect. Don't over-water your terrarium as this little environment will remain moist, and with a little sunlight, it will flourish in just a matter of days!





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3. Wheat Grass


We've all heard about the benefits of wheat grass and all the wonders it can do for your skin, hair, blood pressure, tumors and whatnot. So, in lieu of this on-going trend, along with the number of bars serving Wheat Grass shots, here's another garden-at-home idea that will make your place look nice and green, but will keep you healthy as well! But, instead of going out just to buy wheatgrass seedlings and making a set-up of your own, go to the nearest garden store and buy a tray of this green goodness that's already been grown for your. Just find a lovely place to put it in, and voila! If you aren't in the mood to make some juice out of it, that's no problem 'cause at least your surroundings look way better than before. Wheatgrass requires water at least twice a day, good air circulation and not a lot of sunlight-- so, keeping this indoors is a must!








Head over to Manila Seedling Bank in Quezon City and take your pick. When you get there, you'll notice a very wide array of gardening options. If you want to get the best deals, walk around, talk to vendors, compare prices and do a little bargaining. 






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