This season’s hot shoe trends

Flats from Anthology Shoes
By Christine Dychiao for Yahoo! Southeast Asia

When it comes to shoes this season, high boots, textures, prints, pointy toes and extended vamps take the spotlight.  But in a tropical country like the Philippines, where high boots aren’t really cut out for everyday wear, we turn to Ivan Anthony T. Vera Cruz, owner of IATV Shoes and cult ladies shoe label Anthology, to point us to the direction we should be taking when it comes to choosing our footwear this season.
What are the shoe trends for men and women this season?

Tassel loafers and mid cut oxfords/brogues for both men and women are very popular this fall. Distressed or textured leather would be nice as upper. For women, chunky heels and cap toe shoes are back and anything studded or sparkling looks good right now.
Sparkly shoes are a hit this season
If we were to buy one shoe this season, what should it be?

I think a nice, comfortable pair of dress loafers would be nice to have. It will go well with different looks.

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When buying shoes, what should we look for?

First and foremost, a shoe should always be comfortable. A lot of people sacrifice comfort for style but, it should go hand-in-hand. It has to fit you well and suit your lifestyle. I also think it's important to give value to how a shoe is made. From the materials being used to the craftsmanship and fit on your feet, everything is important.

Speaking of materials and craftsmanship, how do we know we are buying a high quality pair of shoes?

A good pair of shoes uses top quality materials: Nice fine leather for upper and lining, high abrasive outsoles, hardware must be dense and not tarnishing, stitching must be uniform and lastly, a pair of quality shoes smells good!

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Many people believe high quality means high prices too. Do you believe that quality should be expensive?

We have been making shoes of different kinds for more than 20 years now and I really believe that it is a must to have quality shoes in your closet. But it doesn’t mean that they have to be outrageously expensive. Although, better quality will always have a higher price.

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Lastly, what should we remember when buying shoes season after season?

1. Don't just try one foot, put on both shoes and walk around for a bit.
2. Find out more about the shoes and ask what materials are used. Some brands make it tricky, they say it's made from genuine leather but, it could just mean the insole and not the outer part of the shoe are real leather.
3. It is better to buy shoes later in the day because our feet usually get bigger with all the walking and other activities we do.

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