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  • Cover the Butter by Carrie Kabak: A Review

    Cover the Butter by Carrie KabakThe Story

    In Cover the Butter, lead character Kate Cadogan can’t seem to please her mother, no matter what she does. Throughout her life, Kate is swept through a rollercoaster of emotions as Biddy, her mother, constantly criticizes her while following it up with a sweet statement. Just enough to keep Kate dangling. Kate’s friends keep telling her to stand up to her mother and free herself from her maternal snare, but that isn’t what Kate knows—or who she is, for that matter.

    We meet Kate in 1965 when she’s 14-years-old and she and Biddy are shopping for underwear. Kate wants a trainer bra like the ones her classmates wear, but Biddy insists she gets a corset and a proper brassiere. It doesn’t fit her properly, but Kate wears it anyway. Biddy controls the rest of Kate’s life that way. But don’t worry, Kate not only has her loyal childhood friends Moira and Ingrid, she’s also got her paternal grandparents who live in Wales and her aunt who lives in Ireland. Their love and support keep herRead More »from Cover the Butter by Carrie Kabak: A Review
  • Trash by Andy Mulligan: A Review

    Trash by Andy MulliganThe Story

    Raphael and Gardo both live on top of an enormous trash heap called Behala. Three years ago, they used to live on another giant trash heap called Smokey Mountain. Sound familiar? Though the setting is unnamed, Filipinos will immediately recognize their country in this Young Adult novel. They will recognize the street children who scavenge through the trash for anything they could sell, the police who are feared to be corrupt enemies of the people, and the politicians who not only steal, but kill to protect what they have wrongly taken.

    When Raphael finds a bag in the trash that holds some money, a key, a map, and an ID, his life changes forever. His friends Gardo and Rat accompany him on his quest to get to the bottom of the mystery he feels compelled to solve. As you join them on their journey, you will notice how helpless these three boys are—boys who have nothing to lose but their lives—yet they soldier on to right a wrong that they aren’t even that certain of. Their

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  • Top 5 Books For Young Investors

    It's imperative for young adults and professionals to start investing early. One of the main reasons for doing so is to obtain the power of compound interest; by holding long-term investments, one can allow his or her assets to generate more returns. Investing just a few years earlier could translate into tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of additional funds for your retirement nest egg.

    SEE: Ten Books Every Investor Should Read

    But while it is important to invest early, it is also important to invest wisely. Let's take a look at five classic investing books that can provide indispensable business and finance insights for young investors - and they're a good read, too!

    "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" (2000) by Robert Kiyosaki
    This classic is a must-read for young investors. Kiyosaki's view is that the poor and middle class work for money, but the rich work to learn. He stresses the importance of financial literacy, and presents financial independence as the ultimate goal and

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