Pride in a Product: The Global Pinoy Bazaar 2011

Loko over lokal: Check out the roster of awesomely Pinoy products that caught Juice's attention during last weekend's Global Pinoy Bazaar!

I had an easy and hard time writing this article: easy, because there were so many products to choose from, yet hard, because there were too many products to choose from--and that's definitely a good sign! Local product competition is now tough due to the vast array of world-class Philippine goods available in the market. What was once inferior to imported goods has now evolved into high-quality material, by way of Philippine pride, perseverance, and ingenuity. The words 'colonial-mentality' have finally dissipated from our vocabulary! We've come a long way, and it's the start of a new day, so let's get shopping! :)

It was my second time to attend the Global Pinoy Bazaar, and I'm glad that it did not disappoint! I had so much fun browsing the different stalls and sampling local treats! If you think entering a product or brand into the bazaar is as easy as 1, 2 , 3, then think again. By applying a comprehensive registration process, the Yabang Pinoy team makes sure to sift out any Pinoy-pride posers. So rest assured that all products and brands at the bazaar are made of nothing but 100% Filipino pride!

...and now I present to you the shortlist of Philippine products or brands that Juice feels deserves a two-thumbs-up:

You'll never want to leave the dresser, when it's stashed with these sweet-smelling (and totally organic) goods!

1) Apple Woods' Natural Beauty Collection
Contact Kim Andres: 09278701769

Apple Woods' 'Intense Hydromist' in a refreshing green tea and mint scent.

Olive Cream Face and Body Moisturizer.

2) Messy Bessy's selection of earth-friendly, non-toxic toiletries

The following brands simply prove that,  in the Philippines, it's beach-season all year round!

1) I LOVE KOI Swimwear

A sea of accessory stalls also dominated the bazaar! Let's begin with...



Check out their unique beads made out of paper!

Quirky Mexican Skulls!

Wearable treats!


Perfect for the stylish wanderer.

2) Jewelled Bags

Laptop cases with cute graphic prints.

You'll be wishing for a rainy day!

Those random traveling accessories come in adorable designs.


1)  Pippin Art

They don't just look like toys; they're also practical, functioning notepads!


Craving for some of the yummiest local goods? Try some...

1) Local Loco Deli (Contact: Aya Cabardo at 0918-9193913)

Try some of their best-selling seafood goodness!

2) Whisk: Salad dressings + dips + sauces (Contact: 0922-8866899; 0928-5050355; 3559788)


I recommend their best-selling Asian Dressing.

3) Patit's Super Titilan Fish Eggs (our very own local version of caviar!)

The free-taste totally made my day!

Try their savory Spinach, Feta, and Sundried Tomato quiche. Yum.

Sample some of their Wicked Bites in Chocolate Chili.


Try some of their uniquely Pinoy chocolate flavors.

Juice Recommends:

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