How to Meet Interesting People

How to Meet Interesting People

Think you're always in the company of boring people? You're not the first one to think this way.

Being in the company of like-minded people is important for mental stimulation and personality development. Most probably, you find 70% of the total number of people you know to be intellectually inferior, and hence, do not find them interesting enough. Like you, there are quite a number of people who feel they are trapped in the wrong crowd, and would give a lot to find people who interest them. Since there is no dearth of interesting people in this planet, all you need is doing the right thing and being in the right place.

The following steps make your hunt for interesting people a lot easier than you thought it would be. Here is how you can meet interesting people.

Social networks

It is the digital age and quite a good number of people are on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Use the social media to your benefit by interacting with people you find interesting. However, you should be wary about the background of the people you interact with.

How to Meet Interesting People

Join different clubs

When visiting clubs, you tend to meet people of different kinds. This means you get to interact with a lot many people unlike when you are sitting in your room. It is also likely that you'll bump into people with similar interests as you given the varied number of people with memberships of different clubs.

Venture out

You need to go out more often if you wish to meet people who intellectually stimulate you. Stop acting all tired and miserable after a day's work. You can easily manage to spare an hour or two after your office hours to catch with friends and friends of friends. If you manage to make this a regular affair you will find your circle of interesting people growing.

How to Meet Interesting People

Get out of your self-absorption

Being too full of yourself was never a good thing and it still isn't. You will never be able to appreciate others or find them interesting if you always think you're superior. Step out of your self-absorption and start seeing the good in others. It is only after you get rid of your snobbish tag that you will become everybody's new favorite and hence realize that there are people who are as smart as you are.

Open up

It is pretty much a known fact that the extrovert guy has a lot more peers then one who is an introvert. This is because extroverts come across as friendly and a lot of fun while making an introvert come out of his shell is too much of a task for anyone. Opening up to others helps a lot in your discovery of interesting people. In fact, it will also make other approach you because of your friendly demeanour.

How to Meet Interesting People

Expand your professional circle

For many of you, your professional life ends as soon as you leave office. Even office parties seem to be a task to you, let alone enjoy them. This is not an attitude that's gonna contribute to your desire to meet interesting people. Use these 'boring' office parties to your advantage and get introduced to people from the corporate circle. While not all of them might fit the bill, some of them might definitely be worth your time and attention. (Special Features,

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