How to make your honeymoon special

Enjoy a romantic meal to make your honeymoon specialEnjoy a romantic meal to make your honeymoon special

Make your honeymoon special: Romantic dinner

Plan a surprise romantic honeymoon dinner. Whether it’s at a top restaurant or a secluded beach, this will be a memorable meal for you both. Aim for somewhere quiet and private so you can really enjoy each other’s company. You could even set up a mini treasure hunt with clues for your other half to find you!

Make your honeymoon special: Watch the sun set

Take the time to appreciate the day when it's at its most tranquil – sunset and sunrise. Find a quiet place that you can go to embrace a beautiful morning sunrise together, or cuddle up together at dusk to enjoy a relaxing evening watching the sun set. Make this even more special with some champagne and nibbles to really set the scene.

Make your honeymoon special: Negotiate

Is there a sports game that your other half is dying to watch? Or an episode of your favourite television series that can’t be missed? Then make allowances for each other. Now, we’re not talking a free pass to sit in front of the TV all day long, but if there’s something they’re dying to see, then let them enjoy it, even if it is your honeymoon!

Make your honeymoon special: Activities

Scuba diving, jungle trekking, spa day; plan activities that you’d enjoy together, or things your partner has always wanted to experience. Your honeymoon is a great opportunity to do things you’ve always dreamed of, so make the most of it. Plus, experiencing these new feats together for the first time will make it a more memorable holiday and bring you even closer.

Make your honeymoon special: Gifts

Is there something that your partner has always wanted, but would never treat themselves to? Then, (if it’s not too extravagant) why not treat them to it on your honeymoon? We’re not suggesting to go overboard and spend a crazy amount (the wedding and honeymoon itself will probably have cost an arm and a leg), but it can just be a little token of your affection.

Make your honeymoon special: Lingerie

If ever there was a time to treat your partner to a hot night in, then your honeymoon is it. Whether you’re looking for classy or sexy, or fancy dabbling with something in the PVC variety – we’re sure you and your partner will have a night you’ll never forget. Or you could always dress your man up – after all, who doesn’t love a man in uniform?

Make your honeymoon special: Breakfast in bed

Get up early one day and surprise your partner by cooking their favourite breakfast in bed, or if you’re not self-catering, opt for some local delicacies instead. We think most would agree that being brought breakfast in bed always gets the day off to the best possible start.

Make your honeymoon special: Massage

Book yourselves in for some full body massages or a day filled with spa treats to really relax and unwind together. Or alternatively make the effort and give each other a massage instead! Stock up on essential oils and set the scene with candles and music for a blissful romantic night in.

Make your honeymoon special: Love letter

Write your beloved a love letter! That’s right – put pen to paper (an email’s not quite as romantic) and express why you love them and how happy they make you. Old fashioned perhaps, but it’ll be a great keepsake to remember the wedding and honeymoon, and can be treasured forever (a big round of applause if you manage to get some watery eye action).

Make your honeymoon special: Spread the word

Let anyone and everyone know it’s your honeymoon – nothing too ‘in your face’, more of a subtle ‘we’re in love and have just got married’ way, and hopefully you’ll land yourselves some freebies or upgrades! This of course is no guarantee, but it’s worth a try. After all, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Read more on
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