Kapitolyo restos for every budget

The fork-tender meat on RUB's Ribs practically falls off the bone. (Photo courtesy of RUB Ribs & BBQ.)

Barangay Kapitolyo in Pasig City is quite the famous food district. What’s great about it is that it has restaurants with meals that fit every budget. Which one would you like to try next payday?

Budget for 1: P100 and below
Three Sisters

(Try their tasty barbecue at P35 a stick.)
You can’t miss this restaurant despite its dark facade, which looks like it was last spruced up in the 70s. Just look for the thick smoke issuing out of their huge grill. The smoke is also present inside the gloomy interiors.

That’s the smoke of the best pork barbecue in town.

Their other bestsellers include crispy pansit, lechon-flavored lomi, and pork binagoongan

Call center agent Maggie says, “It looks ancient but that adds to the charm. My family loves eating there. So much good food for so cheap!”

Kapitolyo resident Tricia Luben says, “Three Sisters is our go-to place when I don't have the time or energy to cook. Their food tastes lutong-bahay and the price is very reasonable. And they give free sinigang. Sabaw lang. Ask for it!”

Three Sisters is at 10 East Capitol Drive.

Uncle Moe's chicken kebab with butter rice.

Budget for 1: P100-P200
Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub

(Try their chicken—or beef—kebab with butter rice for P150.)
Fashion editor Kabbie says Uncle Moe’s is the best place for “comfort food and beer below zero.”

The space is tight but cozy and full of delicious Mediterranean fare. Fran Haw Ang, author of food blog loves Uncle Moe's because it’s good and cheap: “They have really affordable yet really yummy beef kebab and hummus!” 

Maggie, another regular at Uncle Moe’s shares a tip: “The kebabs are especially good when drowned in the [unlimited] yogurt sauce.” 

Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub is at 16 United St. Call (02) 634-7943 for dinner reservations since it gets really crowded at night.

Budget for 1: P200-P300
Charlie’s Grind & Grill

(Try their Black Angus burger for P200.)
Charlie’s is actually a carwash that also happens to sell the best burgers in the area.

Says Ces, an artist, “I love the unpretentious feel of the place…Despite the not-so-fancy setting, the Black Angus burger is the best I’ve ever had.”

If you’re looking for fine dining, this is not the place to go. Because it’s a converted garage, there’s very limited space. But you’ll forget all about it when you sink your teeth into one of Charlie’s burgers.   
Charlie’s Grind & Grill is at 16 East Kapitolyo Drive. Call (02) 501-0137.

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Budget for 1: P200-P400
RUB Ribs & BBQ

(Try their solo Ribs dish—served with plain rice and a side dish—for P205; a Ribs meal for two—with two side dishes—goes for P370.)
 “The meat falls right off the bone,” Maggie describes RUB’s ribs specialty. “That’s why my co-workers and I love to eat there. Our exhaustion falls off our bodies the way the meat does off the ribs!”

Ces adds, “The ribs are well-seasoned and smokey. The meat is tender. The barbecue sauce is the bomb!” The side dishes that come highly recommended are sprice (spiced fried rice) and garlic spinach with mushrooms.

RUBS doesn’t jostle elbows with the rest of the Kapitolyo eateries. You’ll need to go further down East Capitol Drive to eat here. The decor is reminiscent of an American diner, which makes it feel clean, efficient, and homey all at the same time.

RUB Ribs & BBQ is at 88 East Capitol Drive. Call (02) 624-6850.

Poco Deli's German Sausage Sampler. (Photo courtesy of Poco Deli.)

Budget for 1: P300-P400
Poco Deli

(Try their German sausage sampler for P300; pay P480 for a double order.)

This is a tiny artisan shop which sells homemade deli meats, like sausages, cold cuts and bacon. The air is redolent of the aromas of cheese and freshly cooked pasta. A wall is stacked with bottles of good wine. Cakes and other desserts chill under the counter.

Here’s what you should look out for on Poco Deli’s menu: the German sausage sampler (with homemade sauerkraut and chips), the bacon slab, the bacon rice, cassava chips, beef stew, pizza, cheese, and cake. Down all these with either wine or Poco Deli’s signature drink, Citrus Delight.

Poco Deli is at 21 East Capitol Drive. Call (02) 477-4332.

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