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Today April 21, 2014  

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Good understanding and complicity with the loved one; it'll go very well as far as cuddles as concerned. Try to strengthen your family life and your professional activities -- it's difficult, but you can get to it. You'll find satisfaction in several fields; and if you still complain, you'll really deserve what you get! A very good day for reorganizing the management of your finances and for considering new investments; moneywise you should feel more confident.

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  • The light that shines from within

    The light that shines from within

    MB - Thu, Apr 17, 2014 5:00 PM PHT
    The light that shines from within

    Physical beauty fades and it is inevitable. Usually, the grace to accept that comes with great wisdom and maturity. That said, one may always strive for something deeper, more meaningful and lasting: inner goodness. Bulletin Entertainment caught up with some of the country's most stunning beauties, and asked them what qualities they value the most. Their answers show why they are truly beautiful inside and out. ...

  • Wanted: Exorcists

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    Father Daniel Estacio, exorcist of the Diocese of Pasig, said there is a need for more exorcists due to the number of possessions by evil spirit in the country. “There are a lot of cases (of possession)…and there are only a few exorcists,” said Estacio, one of the six exorcists in the Archdiocese of Manila. Estacio, who took a course on exorcism in Rome, said all bishops are exorcists but they usually appoint a priest in their diocese to become an exorcist. He (bishop) is an exorcist but he could also appoint one in the diocese to become an exorcist,” he said.

  • Marquez may fight Pacquiao for fifth time

    MB - 12 hours ago

    Los Angeles — Reports from the boxing hotbed of Mexico City say that Juan Manuel Marquez is starting to realize the magnitude of facing Manny Pacquiao for the fifth time. But Marquez insists that before he begins thinking of a megabuck matchup with his Filipino rival, he should focus on his next fight: a May 17 showdown with Mike Alvarado set to take place at the Forum in Inglewood. Marquez told ace Mexican fight scribe Sal Rodriguez that it is a no-brainer for the public to demand for a fifth fight assuming he gets past Alvarado but the master counter-puncher believes he has to get past Alvarado next month first. Training under the watchful eyes of Hall of Fame trainer Nacho Beristain, Marquez racked up a few rounds of sparring with Alejandro Barrera and Guadalupe Rosales, according to Rodriguez.

  • PH ranked 4th among top tippers in Asia

    MB - Sun, Apr 20, 2014 2:53 AM PHT

    The Philippines was ranked fourth among the top tippers in Asia, according to the research conducted by MasterCard. The survey revealed that Thai consumers have proven to be the most generous when it comes to tipping, overtaking Bangladesh and claiming the top spot. The research was based on a survey conducted between October and November 2013 with 7932 respondents aged 18 – 64 in 14 Asia-Pacific countries. The survey findings are part of MasterCard’s suite of research into Consumer Purchasing Priorities in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Malaysia Airlines jet turns back after tire burst

    Malaysia Airlines jet turns back after tire burst

    Associated Press - 8 hours ago
    Malaysia Airlines jet turns back after tire burst

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — A Malaysia Airlines flight heading to India with 166 people aboard made an emergency landing in Kuala Lumpur early Monday after it was forced to turn back when a tire burst upon takeoff, the airline said.