The high heel survival guide

Wearing high heels can lead to numerous health problems such as bad backs, spine curvature, knee joint pain, blisters, bunions, to name a few.

This is all due to the weight distribution of your body being altered – as anywhere between 30-100% of your body’s weight is being forced onto the balls of your feet. 

So if you want to show the models how it’s done this week, follow these simple tips to keep yourself healthy this fashion week.

Stretch it out

Minimize the risk of injury by stretching out your muscles. Every morning and evening, make sure you stretch out your calves, thighs, toes and arches of your feet.

Treat wearing heels as a workout, and make sure you warm up and cool down properly. 

Switch to flats

There’s no need to run a marathon in your Louboutins – make sure you stick a pair of flats in your bag for getting from the shows to the after party.

Slow it down

Taking smaller and slower steps will decrease the pressure on your feet and back – and gives admirers more time to check out your AMAZING shoes.

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Know your limits

Make sure you pick a sturdier heel that you can comfortably stand in without wobbling. Every little shake you have, your ankles and legs have to overcompensate in order to keep you upright. Also – no one every looked good face planting.

Don’t go with virgin shoes

If you have a hard core day in heels planned or are hitting the town, don’t opt for a new pair of shoes fresh out of the box. You must break in your shoes first to avoid blisters. Wear them around the house, or on small errands to the shops. Also stuffing tight shoes with balls of newspaper can help to loosen them.

Think hosiery!

Remember that woolly tights provide better grip than shiny thin ones.

Keep the heat down

Hot feet = swollen feet. Take time to let your feet cool down and have a break. If your feet swell up, they won’t fit as well in your shoes and it can create pain and cramp.

Insert relief

Try adding some gel pads or inserts, which are designed to shift weight o the hell and thus reduce pressure and pain 

After care

Reward your feet for all their hard work by bathing them in some warm water when you get home. Then use a calming lotion to give the muscles in your feet a massage to relax them. This will prevent cramps and make sure your legs feel ready to take on skyscrapers for another day. 

March on ladies! 

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