How to keep your employees happy

How to keep your employees happy

Your company is only as good as the employees you hire. In a work culture / environment where loyalty is low,

attrition is high and money is the deciding factor for most people, it is imperative to not only attract good talent but to retain it as well. If you wish to retain good talent, then you must keep them happy and engaged and this is how you can go about doing that.

1. Appreciate & Praise

If the individual has done good work and benefited your business then you must appreciate his effort and praise him. Appreciation and admiration will boost his morale and he will want to do better. It is important to commend the work done by your employees to keep the general work mood upbeat.

2. Don’t insult / yell in front of co-workers

If your employee falters and upsets your work in some way then you might yell at him / her in front of all in the heat of the moment. You must avoid this at all and any costs. There is nothing more humiliating than being yelled at in front of one’s co-workers. Call the erring employee in your cabin and tell him / her politely what he / she has done wrong. Yelling will not help and will only anger or hurt the person than urge him / her to correct his / her actions.

3. Offer incentives

Healthy competition will boost results. So offer incentives for good work and fulfill your promise. Incentives could be monetary, freebies, a day off or anything as per your company policy and culture. This will push the employees to do better, and deliver results.

4. Organise team building trips / dinners

To build team spirit and boost healthy camaraderie between employees organise out-of-town training, group dinners or engage in any form of team building exercise. When people gel with one another outside the work place and build relationships, they will do well and perform better as a team at work. These exercises will keep them happy and wanting to give best at work.

5. A sense of involvement

It is not uncommon for employees to feel left out or not an integral part of the team/company. So foster a sense of involvement by keeping people in the loop about the going – ons in the company and the work status in general. The more you make people feel that they are a part of a family, the more involved and happy they will be and in turn will deliver results.

A happy employee means a happy company. And a happy company delivers results and out performs competition. So invest in your employees and reap the benefits. (Work Life,

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