How to Deal with an Angry Wife

Every wife is prone to getting upset with her husband. As long as this doesn’t happen regularly,

you are just another couple having a few issues. However, if her bouts of anger become chronic, it suggests a severe problem in your relationship that needs to be sorted. Irrespective of which scenario is more applicable to your condition, you need to know the basics about handling an angry wife.

Find Her Melting Point

Every lady has a few melting points. No, this doesn’t refer to the temperature at which she will melt into a pulp but typical things that drive her crazy. Make a list of these. Memorize them like your daily prayers or the national anthem. By mistake, if you commit the blunder of doing something that will invite her wrath, immediately inform her about it with a sullen, sorry look.

Don’t Present Any Reasoning For Your Actions

During her outburst, she is unlikely to hear your side of the story. Just remain focused on her. It should appear to her that you are paying attention to what she is saying. Not doing so can make here angrier, accusing you of ignoring her. Don’t argue or try to present counter-claims. Just get hold of a seating position and face her verbal assault like a soldier. Don’t ask her to calm down or take a chill pill. These are precisely the kind of things that adds more fuel to the argument. In fact, it is better to stay mute as long as she is animatedly shouting at you.

Try to Agree With Her, Even Better, Surrender to Her

You don’t want to look foolish, i.e. presenting a fake sense of approval. Just use your body language to convey that you agree with her reason for getting angry. For instance, nod your head and occasionally, let out a slow sigh that indicates you have surrendered to her reasoning. Not doing so will make her shout more. The sooner you give-in to her anger, higher are the chances of placating her.

Don’t Let It Hurt Too Much

By now, you should have realized that women are prone to venting out their emotions in the form of anger fits. It is a feature associated with wives across the world. So don’t let her attack on your integrity, job or even parents prick you. Most probably, she isn't even aware about most of the words dropping out of her mouth. Just try to take it like a man. Sit back or lean against the wall and let her tire herself out. If you let these things bother you, it will ignite retribution in you.

Don’t Run Away From the Scene

This is probably the worst thing you could do. You need to understand that though you are suffering in this scenario, in a way it is working towards calming her. For many women, verbal outburst of anger is induced by those unavoidable hormonal issues. Thus, you might be helping her and ensuring that the next few weeks would be more peaceful. Yes, it seems like a natural thing to do, i.e. ducking from the scene but this will make her more resentful and frustrated. Further, till what extent can you really escape any situation that involves your wife?

On a Serious Note: Her Anger Might be a Cry for Help

Many times, anger bouts are precipitated due to deep-seated issues. For instance, your wife might be getting angry since she sees a pattern in you which resemble her father’s mannerisms whom she resents. Such issues need to be tackled with extreme care. Firstly, you need to decode the underlying cause. If it is just another fault committed by you, you can seek an apology and diffuse the situation. However, if it turns out that there are some serious emotional issues weighing on your wife’s mind, you need to be her guiding soul. Try to talk to her or tell her that you will accompany her to a counselor. In such cases, your wife needs your support to let bygones be bygones and forgive herself or someone else who had hurt her in the past. (Dating,

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