How to choose the perfect engagement ring

Choosing the perfect engagement ringChoosing the perfect engagement ring

Choosing your engagement ring – the basics

Many couples are often nervous when they first go to a jewellers to choose an engagement ring. They may have an idea of the style they would like but are sometimes out of their depth when it comes to questions on stone clarity, cut and quality. An engagement ring is a huge investment so you need to get it right. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself on the internet with jewellery terms, however, a professional and decent jeweller will take the time to talk you through the individual stones and settings. Speak to several jewellers and try on lots of rings together. That way when you find THE ring you will be absolutely confident in your purchase.

Choosing your engagement ring: Be open-minded

Many couples already have an idea in their mind of what they would like. But it is important to be open-minded, as the style you wanted may not suit you or you may find something you love but hadn’t previously considered. Let the jeweller offer advice and be willing to try on lots of different rings. Take inspiration from anywhere and everywhere – magazines, celebrities, friends or even your existing jewellery collection.

Choosing your engagement ring: Practicalities

Despite choosing an engagement ring being a romantic affair, you do need to also consider practical implications. Check the setting on each ring to see how it will withstand constant wear. In choosing your style remember that you will have it in years to come so try to avoid anything that will date quickly or look out of place on an older hand. Think about your job and about having children – large diamonds can easily catch on clothing or scratch skin. A huge sparkler on the hand of a chef or when you’re changing nappies may not be too practical.

Choosing your engagement ring: The quality

So is there a way to ensure quality? High-end jewels can be accompanied by a certificate from an independent appraiser. A basic mantra is that if a price looks too good to be true then it generally is. Another way to avoid drawbacks is to ask how the ring is made and how easy it would be to repair if it became damaged in some way. In some cases where a ring has been mass produced abroad there is no way to replace a missing stone due to the way the ring was made initially.

Choosing your engagement ring: Added extras

Each jeweller will have their own policy so shop around for the one that suits you. Look out for insurance options, free repairs, guarantees and free maintenance of your ring, such as cleaning and checking the stone is secure. You may be wowed by the free glass of bubbly during your first visit, but make sure there is aftercare too – particularly if you are spending a considerable amount on your engagement ring.

Choosing your engagement ring: Cost

It can be disappointing to try on your dream engagement ring to then find out it is well beyond your budget. In this instance, it can be a good idea to request the jeweller to only present you with affordable options. The rule of thumb is to spend two months’ salary on the ring, but with a whole wedding and honeymoon to pay for too, this may not apply to everyone.

Choosing your engagement ring: Remember the wedding ring

It can be all too easy to get swept away and choose a ring that jumps out at you and makes a huge statement on your fourth finger. But don’t forget that small detail of the wedding ring! Depending on how long your engagement is, you may focus entirely on the engagement ring, but you must consider it snuggled next to a wedding band. Think about what kind of wedding ring you would like to ensure they will compliment (and fit comfortably) side by side.

Choosing your engagement ring: Enjoy it

Above all, ensure that the buying experience is a memorable and happy one. Selecting your engagement ring is a very special and important event and one that you want to be able to look back on with fond memories every time you look at the ring. Take time to find the right ring, speak to a jeweller who loves his or her craft and try on as many as you need to before you find the one. And maybe treat yourself to a glass of champagne or a romantic meal together on your way home. Read more on
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