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  • 6 Machines to Avoid at the Gym

    6 machines to avoid at the gym.

    By Frank Kobola

    And what you should do instead.

    To beginners, a gym can look like an overwhelming sea of torture devices. It's easy to lose focus on your workout because of a lack of understanding, or a poor choice of equipment. As a general rule, free weight or free standing exercises work more muscle groups and don't force your body into uncomfortable positions, but, like everything, different things work for different people. Personal trainer Brooke Marrone walked me through several machines it's best to avoid and their superior alternatives.

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    1. AVOID: The seated leg extension. "This can put your knees at high risk," warns Marrone. Most machines force you to move the way the machine moves, and it's important to use natural movements, she says. "You were just at work all day sitting down, and you're coming to the gym and now you're sitting at another machine. It's really important to move your body."

    INSTEAD: Do squats. A basic

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  • 11 Empowering Quotes from Plus-Size Models

    Empowering quotes from plus-size models.

    By Laura Beck

    Hayley Hasselhoff

    1. "Growing up, I never accepted my curves, but when I got the opportunity to become a plus size model, I was able to appreciate my voluptuous body and love myself, not only on the outside, but on the inside."

    2. "At the end of the day, we are all trying to feel comfortable in any type of size - plus size or not."

    Tess Munster

    3. "Fat is a trigger word. But if you use it often enough, it simply describes another one of your qualities. I think what helps me is taking the hurt out of the word. In the beginning I called myself curvy and all bodies have curves. So I would always myself curvy and get upset when people called me fat. Owning it gives me strength: yeah, I'm fat-but I'm also all the good things that I am."

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    Crystal Renn

    4. "[Someone] told me that the entire time I was in makeup, the stylist had been clomping up and down the hall, sputtering into her cell phone, 'I can't believe I have

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  • 5 Awesome and Unexpected Benefits of Coffee

    5 unexpected benefits of coffee.

    By Elizabeth Stark

    Everyone is more or less familiar with the primary benefits of coffee - it tastes good and helps you stay awake, but there's a fair amount of confusion about whether or not coffee is actually good for you. For example, you may have heard that coffee will stunt your growth, when in fact, your mom just didn't want to give you any of her coffee. Similarly you may have heard that coffee will dehydrate you, give you cancer, or stain your teeth. Only the last one is true; the other two aren't.

    But just because something's not bad for you, that doesn't mean it's good for you either. So is that the case with coffee? Well, you're probably not going to be chastised by your doctor for not drinking enough coffee any time soon. But there's plenty of evidence that, when consumed in moderation (seriously, MODERATION), coffee can have a number of benefits you may not have known about.

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    1. Coffee can help keep you

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  • The 18 Best Things About Being in Your Late Twenties

    The best things about being in your late twenties.

    By Amy Odell

    You haven't listened to any new music within the past three years and you are fine with this because too many pop songs have sirens in them now.

    1. You know not to stay out past 2 a.m. Or really 1 a.m. OK fine just midnight. Because you've done enough partying to realize that only creepy things that make you feel gross when you're sober the next day happen after 2 a.m. aka millennial witching hour.

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    2. You don't feel like a loser for staying home on a Friday night. In fact, you find staying home on a Friday preferable - you can rest and jam on Saturday. (And by jam I literally mean make jam.) And that's better than being out with gross bar people then getting home at 2 a.m. and being too lazy to take your makeup off and growing barnacles on your face that you'll have to wear to brunch the next morning.

    3. Going out takes on a new meaning. Like dinner. Or a movie. Not just raging until 4 a.m. with strangers

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  • 23 Problems Only Gluten-Free People Understand

    23 Problems Only Gluten-Free People Understand23 Problems Only Gluten-Free People UnderstandBy Alexandra Martell

    Don't mind me, I'm just drinking wine at this tailgate.

    1. You have to read the ingredients label on every single thing before you put it in your mouth. (Peppermint Altoids whyyy do you have wheat?!)

    2. The bread.

    3. Going out to dinner involves a lot of eating salad. With oil and vinegar, because no one seems to know if there's gluten in the honey mustard.

    4. Explaining to your waiter three times that you can't have bread/wheat/gluten , and your salad still comes with croutons in it.

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    5. If you go out for sushi , you have to bring your own soy sauce in your purse. And you better wrap that thing in at least three plastic bags.

    6. When there are free cupcakes in the office :(

    7. You have to drink wine at baseball games.

    8. If you are going anywhere outside the realm of your regular life , you need to research your meals and plan ahead.

    9. And if you don't, see #3.

    10. You

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  • Is Rowing the New Spinning?

    Is rowing the new spinning?By Carly Cardellino

    With rowing studios like CityRow, RowZone, Brooklyn Crew, and GoRow quickly cropping up in NYC, New Jersey, LA , and Chicago , is rowing kicking spinning to the curb and becoming the new workout craze? According to celebrity trainer Hannah Davis , that's exactly what's happening on the fitness front.

    "A lot of people are looking for a different form of cardio that won't hurt your crotch, like spinning does," Davis says. "And rowing is safe, efficient, and effective."

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    So why is rowing better in Davis's opinion? "What happens is you're bent over at your computer all day and in the spinning class you're in the same position, so you're not strengthening the muscles in your back that weaken and aren't activated as you sit typing at your computer all day. With rowing, yes, you're starting in that bent over position, but you're only there for one second before you're opening up your body as you pull

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  • 15 Problems Only Vegetarians Understand

    Problems only vegetarians understand. By Kristina Carucci

    You eventually learn the truth about Jello and marshmallows.

    1. Your carnivore friends are more likely than you to loudly announce your vegetarian status to the waiter/person handing out free samples at Costco. A simple "no thank you" will get the job done. Plus, my face won't turn bright red!

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    2. You get tired of being lectured about protein and iron by people who have half their arm inside a family-size bag of Doritos. Seriously? Do you even know what a vegetable looks like?

    3. Coworkers that you eat lunch with feel the need to defend themselves. That's cool that you only eat chicken on Mondays, Wednesdays, and on federal holidays. Can we get back to dissecting every detail of Beyonce's Grammy performance?

    4. Everyone assumes that you love yoga, kale, and accent braids. OK, GUILTY. But I also love whiskey and binge watching The Sopranos.

    5. People you just met harass you about

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  • 10 Best Online Exercise Classes that Will Save You Money

    You don't have to leave your house to get in shape!Eff the gym. You have your laptop.

    By Dara Adeeyo

    1. Crunch Live
    Crunch Gym's official online counterpart. The site offers many of their most popular classes, like Yoga Body Sculpt, Barre Assets, Fat Burning Pilates, and Gospel House Aerobics (UM, need to try that ASAP!). $10/month,

    2. Physique 57
    You - a regular person - can workout like a star in the privacy of your own room with these loved by celebs muscle sculpting exercises. Rent a video or buy a monthly subscription. $5-$7/rent or $57/month,

    3. Daily Burn
    Work up a serious sweat with one of the many sessions Daily Burn offers. Classes are led by pro-athletes like snowboarder Cody Storey and in-line skater Eitan Kramer. Free 30-day trial, $10/month subscription,

    4. GaiamTV
    Get your Om on with your favorite Yogi like Rodney Yee and Shiva Rea. $10/month,

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    5. Lionsgate BeFit
    Sculpt your body with this 90-day free workout system

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  • The 20 Women Every Twentysomething Needs in Her Life

    Sometimes it takes a village to get through a decade. By Anna Breslaw

    1. The college friend who has seen you puke in your purse.
    Now that you've got it together (sort of), it's good to keep those friends from the days when you were were wobbling on platform heels at Senor Frog's.

    2. The childhood best friend you kind of lost touch with, but are still close to.
    Some very old friendships don't require those constant catch-ups, which is a refreshing change from the current friends you are in constant text communication with ("just washed my hair!" "so weirdddd I just bought some KALE!").

    3. The cool older woman.
    Perhaps it is the youngish aunt who first bought you beer, or your awesomely wise former professor who currently has your dream career and once slept with Keith Richards. Someone who treats you to nice dinners, shares their wisdom, and would totally drive you to get an abortion if you asked them.

    4. The co-worker/ally.
    Someone to Gchat with when your boss is being insane is essential. Without her, you will develop a rage-tumor

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  • Booze Doesn't Give You a Case of the Sads After All

    A new study says that booze won't get you down. You might physically feel like complete crap the day after downing six too many mojitos, but drinking won't get you down mentally, according to new research out of Australia.

    By Natasha Burton

    Looking at over 3,000 old dudes, and focusing on how certain genetic mutations might play a role in how people metabolize alcohol, clinical neuroscientists from The University of Western Australia debunked the long-held myth that alcohol causes depression.

    "Because of the observational nature of the association between alcohol and depression, and the risk of confounding and bias that comes with observational studies, it is difficult to be entirely certain that the relationship is causal," lead researcher Professor Osvaldo Almeida said. "For example, people who drink too much may also smoke, have poor diets and other diseases that could explain the excess number of people with depression among heavy drinkers."

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    But while booze may not give you a permanent sad face,

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